CM Are You Operating from A Wealth-Based Mindset or A Deficit-Based Mindset? (Audio included.)

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Hi, it’s Michele. Thank you for joining me for this segment of Chaplain Michele.
Do you have an asset based or a liability based thought pattern or mindset or belief system?

Do you have a multiplication or an addition, subtraction, division mindset?

Do you have a growth mindset or a stagnancy stat slash death depletion mindset?

The goal of life and what we call life is, life is growth, is advancement, is betterment. It’s not to be worse or as bad as we have been.
Generations exist not to perpetuate the worst of humanity. Generations exist because with each generation, there is an opportunity for us to be better if we use our resources, all of them, spirit, soul, and body in the right way.

The reason this doesn’t happen is because we don’t think about it in this manner because we are judging from limitation. So, we are spirits confined to a human body because of the atmosphere that we live in.

We require certain things because of this body in this atmosphere for protection and for safety. But it’s also a tool for strengthening the spiritual base, spirituality equating to character development. So that as our physical, our physicality in our mind ages or depletes, the strength of character then takes over so that we are prepared to reenter the unseen realm. We don’t think about things like that.

Spiritual is not meant to be spooky or sci-fi or any of that. It is a manifestation. It is a truth that manifests in and through us. We are spirit first, but what happens when we get here is altogether another thing. Our calamities, our individual and collective calamities and tragedies and traumas and challenges. Our concerns and our issues are not because we are different, it’s because we are the same. And the only way that the exercise or that the spirit and character development can occur is when we are presented with opposition or with challenge or with resistance to what we would naturally tend to do or that, or to what we would need to do to overcome it.

So for instance, let’s use the gym, since we are all, many of us are, are, are obsessed with our physicality, with death, with aging, anti-aging. And it’s a normal concern because we’re very limited. So we can’t see beyond that.

We wanna look good. We don’t necessarily wanna be good, we wanna do good. We don’t wanna necessarily be good. But the fact of the matter remains that if we are good, then we will do good.

If we are inherently good, or develop our character to do the right things that align with unconditional love, that align with the driving force of humanity, which is unconditional love, then our behaviors, we train ourselves, we develop the character to bench press the weight of character against the resistance, against the development of character.

We will pay gym memberships. Many of us will pay them and not go because there is the intention that I need to look good, that I need to stay in shape, that I need to defy aging, that I need to defy all of these things that I really have no control over.

I mean, we have control to a certain extent just like we do in every circumstance and situation. But ultimately, the, the idea of control is really a myth.

The question is, how we align ourselves with, with the universe is showing us? So we take trouble and calamity and concern and uh, ideologies and all of these things culture, culturalism, racism, sexism, genderism, ageism, all of these things, all of the “isms” we take and we use those to continue to disadvantage ourselves and others when in fact, that is the symptom that we have, um, incoherent or incongruent.

Spirit, soul, body separation. Internally. If I don’t have division internally, then I, I won’t be putting out division externally. If my spirit, soul, and body are congruent, then what I, what I produce, what I am is congruent.

But if those things are divided, if they’re conflicted, if they’re not healed, if they’re not, well, if they are, if I’m not giving the time and attention to them internally to me, to you internally, then I’m gonna produce things that maybe I’m intentionally producing. If that’s what you intend to produce, then so be it. You’re still gonna have to give an account for that.

But if you are producing something that is not in alignment with which you are after what you truly believe, meaning the good of the universe, the advancement of humanity itself, the advancement of us individually and collectively, humanity is not based on what we do. It may based on who we become.

So we can do all kinds of things, and in fact, we have, and we are, but because of our deficit-based, liability-based, scarcity-based mindset, even the wealthiest among us people want you to believe of in scarcity, because they don’t wanna do the hard work of compassionate, benevolent distribution, there is no such thing as scarcity. The universe does not produce anything that it cannot take care of.

When we start thinking about the fact that not it, none of us has everything that is needed, even for our own lives and our own families, that means that there has to be a coming together to leverage those resources for the good of all.

What we teach instead, what we like to believe for whatever reason that is, is that I have to take from you in order to have from myself, for those of us that believe in a higher power, what we’re saying is that that higher, higher power is incapable of taking care of the things it gives birth to. Just because we are sometimes doesn’t mean, see, that’s the ultimate projection, right?

I’m here, but the universe can’t take care of me. That’s a lie. That’s being perpetuated out of broken, frail, imperfect humanity that is incoherent or incongruent. Spirit, soul, body interaction at its highest form, our incongruence internally produces a deficit, liability based, scarcity based mindset. Oh, we have the fear of missing out. What are we missing out on?

Because I tend to believe, I have learned to believe, I have had to condition myself to believe that the universe is not as inept as we are. There is no ineptness in the universe. What if we began to walk in that? What if we began to walk in the belief that our very existence is proof that the universe can take care of us.
I have a path to walk here. Different circumstances. This is different situations, not withstanding, but we’re all on the same road. Ultimately, we pass through, we come out of eternity in some form out of the spirit, out of the unseen in some form, into manifested time, into manifested eternity, which is time. And we transition. That’s the road we’re all on. But we came in into different circumstances, different cultures, different countries, different races, different ideologies, different religions. We come in to those different circumstances.

But what I say to you is that those different circumstances are not to continue to propagate and perpetuate difference, but those are the things to be used to strengthen character so that ultimately we are all walking in unconditional love towards one another. That the difference is not used to leverage difference, but the difference is used to magnify and develop character, to find our place of commonality with one another, to understand our interdependence on one another and therefore to advance humanity as a whole.

If we think that by taking from each other we are advancing ourselves, that that’s counter to the universal principles.

Everything in the universe is based on farming principles. Seed given time produces harvest. Whether the seed is good or bad, seed given time produces harvest, but we don’t have any control over the weather.

We can control the weather, quote unquote weather from a spiritual perspective in the sense that we align ourselves with what we believe about unconditional love. Anything counter to unconditional love, because that’s what we, why, why do we, we fixate on love, whatever the form is, because we’re trying to overcompensate for the unconditional love either that we desire or that we haven’t received. But what we don’t get is that we’re all, that’s what feeds humanity. It’s not an option, but we treat it as if it is one.

Our challenges are meant to develop character so that we leave the earth, the environment, other people, the places, people, places and things that cross our paths in the course of our lifetimes better than we found them. That is the distinction. We don’t have an argument against that. We might try to make them, but all of us have to give an account on some level when we pass through the toll booth of eternity, to be able to say, okay, well how did you use your resources, Michele? Did you use them to advance the cause of humanity or to diminish and destroy it?

That’s, it doesn’t, that’s not an easy thing to think about. My belief is that we become less and less and less afraid of death, of dying, of pa passing through, of transitioning. When we can understand the weight and the gravity of our responsibility here and now and develop character here and now. Because once the body sheds, the spirit and soul will still be left. The spirit and soul which remain intact. So as, as, as a person, as individuals, we remain intact. The essence of who we are remains intact.

That’s why I talk about spirituality. We are spirit first. We are spirit and we have a soul. Those things remain intact regardless of the aging process, but we don’t get it because we don’t like to talk about spiritual things.

And when we talk about spiritual things, then we’ll also talk about religion, which then triggers the hot button of competition and who believes what and why. When we’re basically all under the same mandate, the same requirement, the same obligation. We’re born as humans to become better humans, to contribute to not to take away from. It doesn’t matter how much we have or how much we, what we don’t have.

We hold on to things for many reasons. We don’t have a resource problem. We have a distribution problem. And the distribution problem starts with our inability to recognize the wealth that is available spiritually speaking, universally speaking to those of us who choose to be good stewards of the distribution.

So whether it’s spirit, spirit, spiritual resource spirit, solar body resource or collection of all three, because ultimately we don’t operate separately even though we don’t put those together. There has to be congruence.

In order for there to be healing, we have to be attempting to align ourselves with the universal principle of unconditional love, which every human needs when we leverage our collective resources, no one will be hungry, no one will be unsheltered. Everyone will have at least what they need, at least what they need. That’s a universal principle.

The, it’s not the universe that doesn’t care for for it its own, it’s how we’re navigating it because we don’t understand that whether or not people see us, what we’re doing, spirit is always present, the universe is always watching.

It is our liability deficit, scarcity based mindset. Particularly when dealing with spiritual things. Not understanding the connection between spirits, soul, body out, us internally first. We like to put the responsibility on other people, but the unity, the universe does not accept that as a valid argument.

I am not talking by the way, about situations where there have literally been egregious things that have happened to us. I’ll deal with that when we talk about forgiveness, because there is, there, there is a connection there. What I’m talking about is the general principle of understanding that because of our limitations, because we don’t acknowledge our limitations as limitations, we’re continually trying to elevate ourselves and make ourselves good and better and uh, you know, flexing in whatever opportunities we have to flex. That’s all.

We don’t recognize that, that that’s all compensating or overcompensating for the lack of unconditional love in some way. When all we need to do is really just demonstrate unconditional love is to use the pain, is to use the experiences that we had, the negative experiences that we’ve had, leverage that and learn how to do, learn how to become those who love unconditionally. Doesn’t mean I like it, doesn’t mean I agree. It means that I can tap into some level of humanity. Commonality between us being human individuals that I can use to help you get through your place, to your place and through your place. Different paths, same road.

It’s not optional. It’s not optional for any of us. And we can debate that. We can do whatever we want. We can spend our time that way or we can spend our time flexing the muscle of character so that it can develop denigrating, degrading, disregarding, disrespecting, diminishing, dismissing each other. That is easy.

It takes courage and it is the exercise of courage to overcome those tendencies that develops character. Character is not developed scientifically speaking by the things we want to do. Character is developed when we have an opportunity to do the wrong thing. But we choose unconditional love. We choose to say, you know what, I really don’t agree with you, but I understand. I still appreciate the fact that we’re both human. We have a place of commonality here. How can we rather multiplying difference? How can we leverage commonality and advance the cause of humanity?

We have people who have money, wealth, and I don’t begrudge any of them. I have desires for wealth, but not just for the sake of wealth. So that’s, it’s not a money conversation, but people tell us all the time, well, you have, the reason you don’t have any money is because of no, that’s not why I don’t have money. I have money because they’re by the grace of God. Go,

I, I work as hard as many people, maybe not as hard as some and so I respect those that have had the opportunity to acquire wealth. I’m still in the process of acquiring wealth, paying off debt and all of that. I don’t have a problem saying that I’ve come a long way. Still gotta let ways to go by the grace.

But if we’re gonna talk about financial wealth, then let’s talk about spiritual wealth. If we’re gonna talk about financial poverty, then let’s talk about spiritual poverty because you can begin, you can be financially wealthy but spiritually poor.

That’s why you hear about people that win lotteries and have, uh, get inheritances and, and immediately become poor. It’s because there is a level of character development and spiritual discernment that has not taken place that allows the financial resource to go through their fingers because they weren’t discerning from a spiritual perspective. That happens to all of us.

For any of us walking around like these things don’t happen or can’t happen. Just because it has doesn’t happen to you or hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean you don’t have some sort or some form of this. And this is the part about being open and honest with ourselves. First.

It’s not money, it’s the love of money that is evil, that creates evil, that causes evil. That’s why when we talk about anything that we do, we have to address it from a spiritual perspective because that’s where we discern what it is.

Money in and of itself is not evil. We’ll never be evil. It’s the spirit with which the money is either required or transferred. It’s currency, it’s fluid, but so are we, we are the currency of the universe. We are the manifestations of the unseen. Well, I’m gonna manifest this. No, you are a manifestation. So the key about which you’re gonna manifest, is it magic or is it manifestation?

If we’re gonna talk about manifestation, then we have to talk about spiritual things. Then we have to talk about what the ultimate driver of humanity is, and that’s unconditional love. We are put here with difference, not to magnify difference, but to leverage the commonality.

We are put here with difference not to dwell on difference, but to recognize that it is only through appreciating difference that character is developed. I don’t need to use how you’re different from me against you because that diminishes my position in the universe. Whatever that position is, it doesn’t mean I know what it is. But what I do know is that, is that if I don’t use the life that I’ve been given, the breadth that I’ve been given to help you in some way, you general, all of us in some way, then I lose my spot. I potentially forfeit.

I don’t have any, any, any standing ground. If I’m speaking against you, I’m speaking against all of humanity in some way. I’m speaking against myself. In order to diminish you, I have to first diminish myself. That’s what we don’t realize. You don’t have to give me anything per se, right? We don’t have to. We we, this is, this is what our history is made of.

There have been people that have given of themselves to the betterment and advancement of society that became rich even though they were may not have had material wealth. They were wealth wealthy in spirit and character, and that legacy continues. And then there are those who did not, who chose not to do that, who were diminished in character.

And the question that each of us has to ask individually, by the way, is who we wanna be.

Humanity requires unconditional love because of our imperfections. Love covers a multitude of sin, sin seriously in need of healing. That’s how I define it.

Some people use that as a self-righteous term from the Bible. Yes, I do believe the Bible. Not saying that you have to, but I’m sure you know about it. Love covers a multitude of sin. Love is not a cover up for sin.

It covers meaning that when I recognize that my frailty and my imperfection, my infirmity is the same as yours by definition, even though it may not manifest the same, then that’s where compassion, we are joined in compassion. We are joined anyway. We’re interdependent anyway.

It’s the unconditional love that says, no, I need to give you room to grow room. What does unconditional love do for us? It helps us come into overcoming unconditional love helps us come into overcoming so that individually and collectively, we are not constantly beat down by the same diminishing factors that keep perpetuating after thousands of years. These same human conditions. We cannot advance the soci society based on the fact that we learned the lessons, the good lessons that will, will require to improve technology. But we can’t learn the lessons that are required to improve ourselves. We’re not gonna be judged on our technology. Is it a great tool? You better believe it. I use it all the time using it right now. That’s not we’re what we’re gonna be judged on.

So we do what we wanna do, but do we really know what we’re supposed to do?
Love covers unconditional love. It’s not a cover up and the universe knows the difference. So we have to move away from these liability deficits, scarcity based mindsets, thought patterns. Really it’s a belief system. It’s not a mindset, it’s a belief system. It’s a belief system.

The belief system is, is is if you have a hundred percent, I can’t have any, and that’s a lie. You can have a hundred percent and I can have a hundred percent. We can each have a hundred percent of what we’re supposed to have, but the universe has not given permission for you to have a hundred percent and me to have 0%. And you know that I have 0% and you don’t do anything about it.

The universe does not give us permission to do that. Likewise, if I have a hundred percent and I know you have 0% of what you need, I’m not, I’m not even at once yet because with each breath, this is what we’re supposed to be doing is working this out. If I have a hundred percent of what I need and or want, and I know you have zero, it is not okay for me to let you continue to let you have zero because that’s not how the universe works.

But what the universe is doing is testing us in our stewardship of the resources we’ve been given to see if we were walking unconditional love, which says, yes, I want this. Yes, I need this, but I have enough, may not have everything, but I have enough. Therefore, it is my human responsibility to make sure that you at least have some, if I’m eating somebody that doesn’t have a meal should be eating. If I’m sheltered, somebody that doesn’t have shelter should be housed.

And we talk about stopping these things and we have initiatives and we have programs, we’ve had ’em all throughout society, but we can’t seem to turn the corner then great work’s done even now historically and even now. But we can’t seem to turn the corner. And I, I would put before you, the reason that we can’t turn the corner is because we spend too much time dwelling on the physical, what we can see, which is limited without thinking about the fact that the universe does not manifest or put forth or give birth to anything that that does not, cannot take care of.

And when we approach that as human beings, when we take that approach, then some of the things that we accept as the quote unquote human condition will begin to be resolved. The deficit liability, scarcity based mindset is nothing more than a manipulation. It’s a manipulation. And wherever it originated to get us to believe that we don’t have value in our existence. But the universe says otherwise, we are born to develop character and to bring value. We are born to replenish, to leave things better than we found them, to leave each other better than we found each other. So we are allowed entry.

And at some point that in that access is cut off and then we have to pass through that toll booth that I will call it. And we have to give an account for what we did. Okay, so how did you advance unconditional love while you were here? What ha were you given these resources? What did you do with them? And there won’t be any excuses. Didn’t have enough, had too much. They they did, they didn’t. They were better. They were worse. They, they, they, no, you, me, one-on-one. If you look at things that way, how do you stand up to the universe? A lot of times we wanna talk, we wanna pit ourselves each against each other. But I promise you when we look at spirituality and what that means, the real question is deity in light of humanity or humanity in light of deity, natural versus supernatural,

Universal versus earth earthbound. That’s very humbling, very potentially terrifying thought when we have the power to do the right thing. Right now, unconditional love is within all of our reach and grasp, but it requires honesty with ourselves first. It requires the willingness. It requires bench pressing the muscle of character against the reality of circumstance.

So please don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t enough, that you don’t have enough, that you don’t look right, that you don’t have what you need. The universe is given to each of us some measure of what someone else needs.

Unconditional love dictates that when we align ourselves with that concept, that everyone at the very minimum will have what they need. Not equi, not equality in the sense that we think of equality, but it will be equitable. You will have what you need. I will have what I need. If I’m single and I need X, y, z, but you’re married and you’ve got 10 children, I will have what I need. I will lack nothing. You will have what you need neither, you know, your children will lack anything. We’ve got to turn the corner on some of this for sustained universally approved advancement of who we are.

It’s not a matter of who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s a matter of who’s less, right? I mean less wrong or more right? Who’s walking in unconditional love more? That’s really the standard.

Meaning who’s looking collectively at universally aligned principles of uni, uh, of, of love and joy and peace, understanding independent interdependence of humanity, understanding the fact that we are all given, everybody’s given some level of resource to be able to contribute to the greater tapestry of humanity that has to be woven together. And it can only do that through love. That unconditional love then brings joy, it brings peace, it brings all of those things that we say we want. But it starts with self-governance. It starts with understanding the things that have made us incongruent in spirit, in soul and body. And then looking at how we, for how we move toward making those things internally congruent.

The imperfect can never produce the perfect, remove perfection from your vocabulary. Doesn’t exist, not with us. It doesn’t. So I want to encourage you today, I want to, and I want to challenge you as always, what has the deficit, liability, scarcity based mindset caused you to do? Think, act, believe that is contrary to the principle of unconditional love that you need, that I need, that’s a requirement. It’s not optional.

And what are you going to do about it? It starts with being honest with yourself about the good things and the bad things. It doesn’t mean puffing up your resume or blowing up your accomplishments. It means sitting down and taking a long hard look at what you are, where you’ve been, who you are, what you’re doing, why you got there, what you’ve been exposed to, your actual or perceived offensive, given actual or perceived offensive received and what you want to do about all of that.

But if you are operating and you have to be honest with yourself, that’s gonna be the key. The universe is always watching. Are you operating in a deficit, liability, scarcity based mindset where you are literally believing that the universe is giving birth to you and can’t take care of you? No. That is a humanity based, fear driven concept because we refuse to come in, in touch with our own spirituality. Spirit illuminates the soul drives behavior and speech.

So when you see things like that, that means that something is incongruent, something is broken, that something limited is trying to measure something unlimited.

My name is Michele.

Thank you for joining me for this segment of Chaplain Michele.

I’ll see you next time.