You Are Spirit

You are spirit. Your intentions and words are spirit. They are spiritual seeds. With every thought and utterance, you are farming. So, only plant seeds for a harvest that you want to eat from because the harvest of every seed you plant belongs to Y-O-U. Karma is the result of the universe collecting the harvest … Read more

The Spiritual Economy of Humanity

(00:03): I think that our retirees, particularly those that have invested their time, their energy, their money, their value, their essence, their skill, their talent, their ability, their willingness into building organizations, companies, homes, stores, places of business, hospitals, schools that have invested themselves in the building of this nation in any way, shape, or … Read more

TRANSFORMED: A Podcast by Chaplain Michele

In This Installment: What Are You Doing The Dirt? (with Audio and Transcript) (00:02): Hi, thank you for joining me for this installment of Chaplain Michele. Actually, I have to get used to saying it transformed a podcast by Chaplain Michele.  One of the things that I have learned and still am learning, to be … Read more