Don’t Just Do Better…Become Better (Audio included.)


Hi! It’s Michele.

Thank you for joining me for this segment of Chaplain Michele.

Whether we acknowledge or not, we are and will be held accountable by the universe.

The Earth was here when we got here. The universe was here when we got here. And our responsibility is to leave it better than what we found. To leave each other better than how we found each other.

We don’t control when we or others are born or when we transition. But we need to leave the world (people), the environment, nature and all of our other resources than when we found them or when we came into them.

We didn’t control what we were born into. But we responsible for who and what we become. while we are here

We don’t just need to do better. We need to become better.

My name is Michele. Let’s learn to live transformed, transcendent lives.

Thanks for joining me for this segment. I’ll see you next time. Bye-bye.