Love. Intention. Chat-GPT and The Work of Humanity (Audio Included)

Hi, it’s Chaplain Michele.

Let me ask you a question. If a child was born or, when a child is born, I mean an infant right out of its mother’s womb and that child after even just a few days or a few weeks didn’t grow, what would you think? Would you consider that to be a problem? Of course we would because we know scientifically that when a child is born, they should also continue through the process of time, through the stages of life to then become an adult.

Now, right now I’m just talking about physical growth. I’m not talking about the corresponding spiritual, uh, spirit or soul growth yet, but I need to lay the foundation because we have a challenge in the world with the human race. We have a challenge in understanding that just because there is physical growth does not mean that there is spiritual or psychological or emotional growth.

Because as individuals we tend to put our faith in, so to speak, our trust in what we see. But the fact of the matter is what we don’t see is greater than what we see otherwise, none of us would be here because what we can’t see is what got us all here.

Now, why do I bring this up?

Because when we talk about why we are here as human beings, so often, and I’ve gone through this process a lot in my life occasionally and for long periods of time, I even had those moments still today.

So I’m not talking about this from the standpoint of any kind of textbook or something I read somewhere else or whatever. It’s an experience that we all have as human beings and that is understanding why in the world we’re here.

It’s particularly a curious thing for me because I, by physician records, by medical records shouldn’t be, I was diagnosed with cancer that should have killed me. So I’m still here. I’m grateful for, for the doctors in every tangible person, place and thing that got me through that time in my life.

But, the fact of the matter is I shouldn’t be according even to medical records be here. So even after going through that experience, I had to ask myself, okay, why am I still here? What is it that I need to do? What is it I need to say, see, become?

Why are you here? And what happens is so often we are comparing our very existence to what we see someone else do or not do what we hear someone else say or not say when, in
fact, the universe is greater than all of us put together. So I don’t have to fight for your space and you don’t have to fight for mine.

I do not make myself bigger by putting you down and you are not gonna make yourself bigger by putting me down. We’ve done enough of this already after however many years of civilization, we’re only this far.

Have you asked yourself why?

It’s because we have a tendency as individuals not to understand the greater function of the human race. We think that progress is technological. No, progress is interpersonal.

I love technology. I appre, I’m not gonna say I love it. I am grateful for technology and the minds that have created it. Once again, what is, what is not seen created technology coming through individuals in the form of intelligence and innovation. And we should be grateful for that and thankful for it.

But technology is not a measure of human progress. It is a measure of technological progress only.

We are here as human beings. Even if we don’t know the specific purpose or the specific details of everything we’re going to do, say be, become who’s, who’s gonna cross our paths or who, who is not. We are here as human beings for one purpose, and that is to become better human beings.
We are not here to get mired in the myopic or in the minutia or in the muck. We are here to become transformed and transcendent individuals. We are here to elevate humanity.

There are certain things that I have to do to become a better person. I have to be intentional about those things. But from a spiritual perspective, it is not entirely on me. But I have to have the right intention.

I am not autonomous. Neither are you. None of us have ever been, we did not give birth to ourselves. We were given birth to, and even the person that gave birth to us was given birth to by someone else. So behind this is a force, a universal force. I can call, I call it God superpower, higher power, creative being. There’s something greater than all of us.

Now, the challenge for us is this. The challenge for us is that we think that God, greater power, super super power, power, higher power creator, innovator is so small that he can’t take care, care of all of us. That all of us cannot be taken care of.

I am talking to us about us and we have to understand that we have problems that we are not even trying to solve. And yet the universe isn’t holding us accountable for them. We are to become the best versions of ourselves. The best version meaning, so let’s go back to where I started.

Where I started was with understanding or not understanding, but but at least acknowledging that we all have a physical growth process. We have a physical growth trajectory. And even after a child is born, if there is no evidence of growth or movement or something in that child’s life in the very early stages after birth, then we know there’s something wrong.

However, we don’t recognize it with our spirit and soul growth. So we are spirit, soul, body, we we, we are spirit. First, spirit illuminates the soul. And the soul expresses through the body. What we do is we try to make the body something. We try to become something by dealing with the external when that’s not even how things are made.

Nothing that is made has been made by something that is seen. It all starts with an idea, an impulse or thought. And so the universe, the reason I’m talking about this is because we’re missing it.

We can talk about AI all we want. That is a technological advancement that now we’re, we are so caught up in that we have forgotten why we are really here. We are really here to become better human beings.

We are really here to help other human beings become better human beings. So to the extent that I have any resource spirit, so body resource, however you wanna classify it, it has to be an at least spirit. Whether it manifests or not, everything is spirit. Everything is unseen before it is seen.

We want to classify ourselves as advanced because of technology and it doesn’t even make sense. This is not a “diss” on technology by any means. So if that’s where you are, then you don’t need to be listening to what I’m saying cause that’s not what I’m talking about.

We are here to become better people. The universe judges our intention, right? So think about it this way. Technically, someone who does not have good intention toward other human beings can do something good that looks good, looks good. People do it all the time.

And particularly for us, it’s easy for us to fall into the trap because we think we’ve already made a determination that people that have money are better than everybody else consciously or subconsciously. That’s how we think.

So because we are, we are basically backwards, right? When we should be thinking spirit, soul, body, we really act and think body, soul, spirit. We are backwards in how we do things and how we think about things and how we partake of things and how we assimilate things and how we process things.

We wait for behavior to address the behavior. But in fact, in order to address behavior, you have to start where things cannot be seen. That means that it’s personal and it’s private. And it’s spiritual first. By the time we see it, it is too late to a certain extent. And if there’s going to be any correction, then that correction has to take place in the private, unseen space (spirit-soul).

Yes, yes, there’s some consequences that we’re gonna experience. So technically someone with a wrong intention, I’m not talking about mistakes. We all make mistakes.

We’re all imperfect, we’re all broken in some way or another. We’re imperfect people so we can never create perfect things. So if that is where you are, then you need to move on, move down that track. We’re imperfect people, so we need to stop having expectations and somebody’s gonna be perfect, nobody’s perfect.

But the first thing we have to understand is that we are not perfect. And that the rules, the laws, the guidelines, whatever we wanna call them, apply to us first. We don’t like doing that.

If I am here, my purpose here is to develop the intention and to understand that I’m here to help other human beings become their best, the best version of themselves. They’re better selves, the best you, you can be the best me. I can be transformed and transcendent rather than looked mired and myopic. I have to first be willing to do the right thing.

So good people can make mistakes and the outcome looks bad. I’m talking about mistakes. I’m not talking about a history or a pattern of manipulation that makes something look like a mistake. I’m talking about honest mistakes.

On the other hand, someone whose intention is never to help anyone can make things look good, particularly if they have money, but the universe is judging us by intention. We think that we’re looking at the universe. The universe is watching us. The universe has been watching us.

That’s what we don’t understand is that we’ve got this thing so flipped that we are missing the part where at some point each of us is gonna transition out of here.

Now for those of us that believe in any kind of an act af afterlife, I will classify mine as heaven. That’s what I believe in. I’m not here to to to proselytize. I’m here to, I’m sharing because the things that I’m talking about, it doesn’t matter. And I’ll go into some of that a little bit more deeper later. But what I’m talking about here is the common understanding that we as human beings have more in common than we do different. And we’re missing the point because we choose to be divisive rather than to unify and be cohesive.

We choose to divide rather than come together. The universe is fully capable of taking care of each and every one of us.

Every single day is a test every single day, once we get past a certain point in our lives, so from infancy to X age, we are being taught certain things. So whoever’s teaching us then becomes accountable for what we’ve been taught.

I do also believe in divine intervention because there are people who have gone through hellacious circumstances and still one had good intention and also had good outcomes.

So ven in what I’m saying, understanding that we are not perfect, but we have the opportunity to develop the intention that takes us from mired and myopic to transformed and transcendent.

If I do that and I focus on my behaviors, the bad ones that are supplanting and compromising the good ones or the attempts to do good, then that means I become more viable in helping you to do the same thing.

Anyone who believes in a force or a power greater than themselves has to understand what I’m saying. You have to understand it. It’s not my law. It’s not something that I make up making up. It is the universe in operation.

And people will say, well, where is God? When all of this stuff is happening. It’s not. This is God’s given us what we need. We just don’t know how to use it or we’re misusing it. Or, we have such a lack of understanding about why we are truly here. That is the things that he’s given us are not being used properly.

So even the very air we breathe, we don’t have to have financial resources. We need financial resources. But even if we don’t even the very air we breathe, how we, how we allocate that air, meaning am I using it to develop and to execute an intention that has good towards other human beings?

Or am I using it to, to demean and to degrade others? Every breath is measured every single one. So every moment, and I’ll use the a adult life because the the from, from infancy to whatever age, even even into adulthood, we could, should be continuing despite aging, right?

So what we’re picking up as we grow from infancy into adulthood is the physical strength. And when the physical strength or the aging process begins to go on the downside, we should still have enough character. The character is what should shine through. The wisdom is what should shine through. There should be an understanding that we did not come here for ourselves. We came to help each other.

We are not here to repeat history, but we do. That’s not progress. You can’t talk to me about progress while we’re repeating history, especially the bad thing. If we’re using history as a stepping stone to become better people, that’s progress.

This whole thing is bigger than all of us. We want everyone to believe like we believe, look like we look, act like we act. But the universe is bigger than all of us put together. And the universe is judging us. We’re not judging the universe.

There is a higher power. There are things that are not seen that are already manifested. Please stop making a manifestation about a trend. The fact that we exist is a manifestation. We are manifestations.

So anything that is seen is a manifestation of something that that was at previously not seen. Manifestation is happening all the time. That’s not the issue. The issue is what are we doing once things do manifest, what are we doing with what’s already here? How are we treating each other?

Are we loving our neighbors? Neighbors being anyone that is alive at the same time we are.
It doesn’t mean we have to agree. That’s not what that’s about. It’s first everything we do should be driven by love.

What is love? Okay, I’m gonna tell you my version love means that I have from you and you from me, whether we agree or not, the space to become transcendent, transformed and transcendent.

I have the space. Now, you may be on one side of the world, I may be on the other. We may be in the same room. We may be down the street. What it means is unconditional love means that I recognize that even though my problems, my challenges, my good points, my bad points may not be the same as yours. That I do have some bad points. I do have some things that I do that I shouldn’t do. What? So do you. We all do.

And we get so caught up in wanting to call out each other’s stuff that we miss the point. We fail the test every single day. Every single day the universe is watching, God is watching. The higher power is watching the innovator, the creator is watching whatever name the power is given.

The universe of itself is a power, but it’s you. We have to admit first and foremost that it’s greater than all of us. We are so busy trying to cut each other other off at the knees that we’re all limping. You can’t cut me off without cutting yourself off. You can’t dehumanize me without dehumanizing yourself. In fact, dehumanizing yourself had to happen before you dehumanize me. That’s not what we are here for. The universe did not put us here for that.

Now that we are here and we talk like to talk about peace on earth and we like to judge that and joke about it, no, that’s what we’re here to do. We are really here to bring peace on earth. But in order to do that, we have to set our intention.

We have to understand that we are spirit first and we have to understand that there are, there is good and there’s evil. And decide which side we’re gonna be on whether we want to be light.
And we have moments, we have moments, especially when we’re growing up, where we could be on either side, especially as adults, because when we are adult, we think we don’t have to think about it anymore. Oh, this is who I am. No, this is not who you are. That’s who you’ve chosen to be. But we should all still be becoming transformed and transcendent. Anything that stops growing is dead. Even if it’s alive.

We are here to give each other life. We are here to fight for each other, not fight with each other.
We are here as human beings with more in common than we will ever have different, but you know what? We keep slicing this pie thinner and thinner and thinner so that it looks like God in the universe can’t handle what we dish out. It’s not that.

That’s what we’d like to believe, because that’s convenient. It keeps us from having to do the real work of truly becoming better people. I call it the work of humanity, the work of becoming truly human.

Because when you understand humanity, when you understand your own humanity. Let me say it this way. When you understand your own humanity, while you may not agree, you won’t be as quick to judge. You will look for ways to love people. You will look for ways to help people.

Can you do it all? No, none of us can. That’s why we’re all here. If one of us could do it, there’d only be one of us here. If two of us could do it, there’d only be two of us here.

We’re all here with enough resources to do whatever we want to do. What are we choosing? We don’t have a shortage of anything. We have distribution problems. We have more in common. The commonality of humanity is so much greater than the diversity. And I mean the way that we use diversity. (I’m gonna talk to you about diversity in another post.)

The common, the things we have in common. If we dared to be brave enough and have the courage to look each other in the face and say, you know what? We, we, we got, we got I, I, my my feelings get hurt too.
I have pain too. But just because I have pain doesn’t mean I can. I should hurt you. And I’m sorry if I did hurt you. That was not my intention.

And I don’t mean just giving lip service to it because I’m gonna tell you something right now. The universe is judging intention. The universe is judging the thing that you don’t think anybody can see. That’s why.

Where does karma come from? Let’s talk about that. Where does karma come from? How can there be karma if the universe isn’t, I’m gonna say keeping score, that’s not exactly what I mean. But if the universe, let’s just do it this way. If the universe isn’t at least keeping track, how does karma exist? It can’t. And what is it keeping track of? Is it keeping track of the behavior or the intention?

I’m promising you, if everything starts in an unseen place, then karma is coming from an an unseen place to come into a situation at a time when we least expected. And when we’ve gotten so haughty and beside ourselves that we don’t think, we think we are invincible.

There are no humans, there’s no human that is invincible. We have to understand. I’ve been testing out Chap-GPT just like everybody else. So I appreciate technology, I appreciate the minds behind it. But it started in the unseen realm. It is a manifestation of something.

When a child is born, that child is expected to grow. Or we say there is a problem. So you tell me why we don’t expect the manifestation of growth to happen in our spirits and in our souls to the point where what we do is truly beyond what we’ve grown accustomed to.

Oh, history’s gonna repeat itself we say. Well, do you know why? Because we’re not doing any better as people. We should be advancing, advancing the cause of humanity. Because whether we acknowledge or not, whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not, the universe is judging everything we do.

Every intention we have, let me put it that way. Every intention we have, and the moment we transition out of this place from a spiritual perspective, there is an accounting that has to be given. And when that accounting is given, we all have to give an account.

Accounting is probably not the right word. I have a degree in accounting, so that’s not what I mean. I’m not talking about you have to turn over your money because guess what? You can’t take it with you. Whoever wrote, he who dies, he or she who dies with the most toys, wins was a liar. They didn’t understand spiritual things because you can’t take it with you. You have to stand before the courts of the universe and give an account as a defendant for, for someone who was manifested in the earth, to become a transformed transcendent person. And you have to explain by yourself why you didn’t do it.
We can. We are better than this. I’m not gonna say do better. I’m gonna first and foremost say we are better.

One of the challenges we have is that we don’t talk about the right things. We don’t talk about the right things at the right times with the right people.

Two, we are so big and big, busy trying to fight for what’s ours. None of this belongs to us. I mean, lemme just say it. The earth does not belong to us. If it did, we would’ve created it. We didn’t create it.

Now can we buy pieces of it? Can we uh, uh, uh, squat on pieces of it? Can we? Yes. We all need a place to live. Okay? We all need a place to live.

And if you wanna talk about an advanced society, then, then why are there still so many people that can’t eat or feed their families or have jobs or have some kind of work? It doesn’t even have to have a job in the, in the strictest sense.

You wanna talk about an advanced society. That’s an advanced society, that’s an advancement. When we make sure there’s nobody living on the streets and that everybody has a meal, as often as we eat, they should be eating.

I am passionate about us understanding why we are here. I’m passionate about us coming together and making this thing work. I am passionate about us being vessels for peace. And yes, some of you are gonna go global immediately. And while that’s important, guess what? Peace starts with our intention.

And I’m here to challenge all of us a little bit to take a look at this. Bcause we don’t talk about ourselves. We, we are very, we love to project, we love to deflect. We love to say it’s somebody else’s fault. And while some of that may be true, it does not absolve us of our responsibility to do the right thing. All of this process that I’m talking about starts with me and you individually.

We can not only do better in order to do better, we have to be better. And if we’re not willing to be better, we need to shut up about doing better because it’s not gonna happen.

Our identity dictates our activity, not the other way around. We, we have everything we need right now, maybe not all together, maybe not all at once, maybe not all in the same place.

Everything we need to get this thing together is in this earth realm right now. What are we gonna do about it? What are you gonna do about it? You’re not gonna look at me and tell me what I need to do. What I’m doing is simply challenging us, challenging you. It’s up to you whether or not you do it. I know what I’m gonna do and you don’t owe me any explanations.

Are you gonna do what you need to do? Spirit, soul, then body, how you’ve aligned yourself. Spirit, spiritually will illuminate your soul. Even if that’s, even if that illumination is darkness, even if that illumination is light, illumination is what is lighting it.

What is the energy behind it? Is it dark or is it light? Notice I did not say black or white because in the spirit, that does not exist in the strictest sense. It’s dark or light. That has nothing to do with complexion. It has to do with the spiritual force light, the power of light, the resonance of harmony, harmonious speech.

We talk a lot about weapons killing people. We don’t talk a lot about the words that we use that kill people.

What is your intention? What did you come here to do? And the fact of the matter is you don’t even know because you did not give birth to yourself.

Whatever you think about the process, we all go through the same process. That means that we have more in common than we do different. And the universe is watching and judging every single intention.

And one way or the other, we will either transcend, transform, be transformed, and transcend, or we will have to give an account. It’s not up to me. I know what I have to do, but I also recognize that the power is not mine alone to do it.

I am passionate. I am not foolish. I know that I don’t have the power to do it. I know that sometimes I wanna zag when I’m supposed to zig and vice versa. And if you were honest with yourself, you’d be able to say the same thing.

We have the capacity to love beyond measure, and yet we don’t wanna tap into that because it requires too much work. We need to stop being lazy with the resources that we’ve been given.

And we need to as, as we like to say, lean into love. Lean into the courage that it takes to face one another even when we don’t agree in a peaceful, respectful, decent way and have some integrity about who we are.

And being able to say, you know what? I, mm, I messed that up. So I, I’m, I messed that up. My heart hurts because of what I did to you. Or on the other hand, to rejoice I’m happy for you doesn’t mean we agree. We’re not here to agree on everything. It is that despite the differences, I don’t care what the differences are around, we still are human first.

After being spiritual, let me correct that. We are not human first, we’re spirit. first. Our humanity is a manifestation. Some of this is gonna say crazy. You’re gonna be like, that girl is…..

No, I’m not. I’ve been living this a long time. I’ve seen some things and I’ve heard some things spiritually and in the natural. And I will tell you this, we’ll need to get it together and get it together quick because we are responsible for what has been entrusted to us.

I encourage you, and my hope for you is that you will take this to heart and look at what your intention is. I can tell by your behavior what your intention is in most cases.

I can also tell by the energy you bring, what your intention is and you should be able to tell the same by me.

The universe expects us. The universe is fully capable of giving every person here fully 100% of what they need at any given time. The test is whether or not we will allow that to happen.

This is Chaplain Michele. I’ll continue this conversation another time.

Thanks for joining me. Bye-bye.