What Vibe Are You Sending Out Into The Universe? (Audio Included)


Hi, it’s Michele. Welcome to this segment of chaplain. Michele. What are you putting out into the world? Let me change that. What are you putting out into the universe? What are you putting out into the universe? Now we can talk about karma, we can talk about reaping what you sow. But unless you understand what that really means, what you are doing, what you, how you are resonating, how your voice, your thought process, your beliefs resonate in the context of the full universe may be directly in opposition and counterproductive to everything you’re that you’re trying to do. When we understand that we are spiritual beings, that is the measure that dictates our humanity. So we think that it is what we do that dictates our humanity. It’s not because that’s not where it starts. Our existence does not start with being human. It’s just like every other thing.


If you’re sitting on a chair right now, that chair existed as an idea before it was a chair. Likewise, we exist in the spirit before we are manifested into our respective mother’s wombs. So unless we deal with the origin, our point of origin, not that we have to understand the details of that because we cannot, unless we deal with the fact that we start as something unseen and become something, then we can’t understand that once we are manifested, then we continue to become in an effort to be, be, be united spirit, soul, and body. So we come in with very separate parts of us. We look like we’re all together because we don’t acknowledge in the way that we should. That spirit is first. What we believe illuminates our soul. Whether the illumination is light or dark, they’re both forms of light, not light is not absent of light, it’s just not the fullness of light.


So whether the belief system is illuminating your soul in it to bring light or darkness that then dictates speech, behavior, all of that. How do we understand this? If we don’t start at the origin point, we start at the outside and try to work our way in. And that is not how it works. That’s not how it works. When we get it, we don’t have a problem. When we talk about inanimate objects, we don’t have a problem understanding it when it pertains to something other than us. So what are you putting out into the world? Here’s why I ask the question. Here’s why I lay that foundation, which I’m going to continue to do because it is essential to us becoming who we are supposed to be, to living out our destiny, to living, transform transcendent lives, which yes is possible. But because we are so mucked and mired down in the myopia of minutia, myopia and minutia, we have a very, let me rephrase that.


We have a very myopic view. So we’re already small minded of things that don’t matter minutia, and we get mired down in that to the extent that we are actually creating what I talked about on another post, the self-fulfilling prophecies that we are actually trying to overcome. We can’t overcome them. Why? Because we continue to speak into it and continue to bring about behaviors and continue to resonate in our spirit souls and bodies in a way that continues and perpetuates the things that we say we don’t want. But we’re actually perpetrating those things on a moment by moment basis. Some of us are doing that intentionally because there is no good in us. Others of us just don’t know any better. Some of us are no better in her trying to do better. You know, we say it all the time. When you know better, you do better.


That’s not necessarily true. It should be true, but it’s not necessarily true. And we have to understand what are we putting out into the world? What are you putting out into the world in this moment? Because we are always sending something into the world, and it’s not even by mouth. Yes, your words mean something. Your words reverberate throughout the universe. I need you to think about that. Your words don’t just reverberate with the people that you think you’re talking to or talking down to or talking at or trying to dismiss. When you deny someone else’s existence, you would deny your own. Why? Because the human race is interdependent. You can’t say that you exist and then tell me that I don’t. Likewise, I can’t tell you that you, that I exist and you don’t. Now, that doesn’t mean that our ideas, our ideologies, our beliefs, how we function, our cultures, our RA races aren’t going to uh, have some intersection as well as some dissection. But the goal of humanity is to look at all of the pieces. It’s, it’s a puzzle. We’re a puzzle.


We are not here to figure out who’s better and who’s worse. That’s not what this is about. We’ve made it about that because that’s what makes us feel better. That’s what gives us a sense of meaning and purpose. Not only that we’re greedy and so whatever someone else wants has we want, even if we don’t work for it. So if we just move them out of the way, then we can have theirs too. If we just can, can just keep them under long enough, then, then they’ll give up and we can take what they would’ve had. The universe does not look kindly on that. That’s why there is such a thing as karma. That’s why there is such a thing as reaping what you sow. Because even though what you do or do not do may have an immediate impact on the people around you or those people that you are trying to influence or de de this influence, I should say influence in some way or another, whether good or bad, even though the immediate effect in the immediate consequence may not be evident, the universe is keeping score.


The universe is keeping track because of us were sent here with the express purpose, with an express purpose, and that purpose was not dehumanization. That purpose was not for any of us to try to tell anybody else how to exist or not to exist. That purpose was for each of us to mature to a level where we can transcend the momentary, right? The momentary challenge of becoming human. All of life is about growing pains. Now, if we talk about that in the context of individuality, we understand it, oh, that’s just a growing pain. But if we talk about that in the connective nature, collective nature of humanity, we, we act like we don’t have a clue.


But the individual growth process is the template for the collective growth process of hu of the human race. The human race does not exist with every component that was born into it. So you can’t go into your own body and take a part out and then say that the whole body is functioning. It’s not something else has to take up that function. I have a co, I have had surgeries, some major, some not so major. But what I have learned is that where I’ve had those surgeries, there are other things in my body that have to compensate. That compensate for those losses.


We wanna talk people to death or we wanna kill them either by words or by some other method. But what happens when we do that is we’re actually killing ourselves. What are you putting out into the universe? Are you trying to dehumanize others? Because before you dehumanize someone else, you have to first de dehumanize yourself and you won’t see it that way if you’re trying to elevate someone else. So here’s the irony. When we dehumanize other people, we first have to dehumanize ourselves. That’s the irony. But we will walk in that as if we have the right to do that. People who are truly trying to help others are very unaware of their ability. Number one, to help, but also of the power of that. So those who are humble and who just sincerely desire to see other people succeed. Whether they like them, have met them, agree with them or not. That’s not the point. It’s unconditional love. Unconditional love walks in a humility that says, I am human just like you. I may not have the same struggles, but I have struggles. I may not have the same challenges, but I have challenges. I may not have the same successes, but I have successes. But I promise you this, if we help each other, we can make it better together.


And in doing so, that humility gets lifted along with. So we are either bringing everybody down or everybody up there is. There isn’t a middle. We’ve created a middle because we don’t like the absolute, but the universe is very absolute. God is very absolute. The principle of karma is very absolute. The principle of reaping what you sow, the higher power is very absolute. We like to think that we’re giving birth to God. Well, we didn’t give birth to our own selves. How we gonna give birth? Give birth to God? Please, somebody tell me that because all of this existed before we got here. So how could you have created it or given birth to it?


We have to remember that yes, each of us has value. If we didn’t have value, we wouldn’t exist. Are we all doing what we’re supposed to do? Absolutely not. Not even close. We’ve missed our mark in terms of humanity. Do not talk to me as much as I enjoy technology and make good use of it. Do not talk to me about the advancement of humanity. If we still have people that are clo, that are unsheltered, that are not clothed, that aren’t eating every day, that still can’t support their families, even though they’re working two or three times as hard as many people that have resources. If you have the resources, I do not begrudge you that, but how are you using those resources to help anybody but yourself? What are you putting out into the world? Because that is what you’re going to sow. I’m not talking about just resources.


I’m talking about your belief system. I’m talking about how you think and how you feel. You can come to me and you can stand in my face and tell me that you like me and care for me and all of that, all you want to. But I promise you one thing, spiritually speaking, I’ll be able to tell whether you’re telling the truth or not. And I had to learn how to do that. But you also need to learn how to do that. Some of us are buying into things because that’s what we want to believe, not because it’s the truth.


It is not what we do. It is who we are. Are you leaking? What are you leaking? You know, I’ve had people tell me, oh, or say about me. Oh, she’s so emotional. I’m not emotional. I’m passionate. I can be emotional, but people don’t understand my passion. But also they haven’t gone through what I’ve gone through. I wasn’t always this passionate. I used to be a wallflower. I used to sit in a corner. I used to not wanna be seen. I still don’t wanna be seen. But what I believe in and what I know, I’m very confident in what I know in my spirit, and whether anyone acknowledges that or not is now no longer important to me. Although I used to be a people pleaser, so it used to be very important to me. But then I found out they didn’t know any more than I did.


We are all on this journey learning together. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Unconditional love isn’t about me being right and you being wrong. Unconditional love is about us being all flawed. All of us being flawed in some way. So I might be right in some areas you might be right in some areas I might be wrong. In some areas you might be wrong in some areas, and that’s by any law. But most importantly, it’s about the law of love. The law of love. And I’m gonna quote the scripture here, which I usually don’t do because I know everyone doesn’t subscribe to it, but the principle remains unconditional love covers a multitude of what the Bible says sin, but what sin is, sin is that we are seriously in need of healing, seriously in need of healing.


We have to understand that my healing can be your healing. If I’m willing to give it to you. Any areas where I have grown should also be available to you. Now, whether you access those through me or through someone else, that’s what we are here to do. If I have learned a lesson by going through the school of hard knocks, I should be able to share that with you freely because I don’t want you to fail. I don’t want you to be in pain. I don’t not want you not to have what you need. That is what we are here for. That’s what the universe is watching for. The universe is watching for our ability to grow through our experiences, to grow through pain, in particularly to a place where we don’t want anyone else to go through that. And so we do what we can to help them from going that, not going through that, not continuing to perpetuate the pain in the name of quote unquote history. History should never be repeating itself unless it is the good thing that we are using to springboard and to enter into the next level of transformation.


Unless we’re using it to learn the lessons and learn them well. We do a lot of lip service. But God, the super creator, the higher power, the creator and innovator of the universe is always watching and not even the things we think, watching our thoughts, watching our feelings, watching our emotions. That’s what the soul is composed of. The unseen is watching the unseen we, the scene, the manifested or watching what’s seen and manifested. That’s why we can’t get anywhere. What are you putting out into the universe? What unseen things? You can talk about progress all you want, but is that what you’re really thinking? Is that what you’re really feeling? Is that what you really desire for people other than yourself?


When I would go to church many years ago, right now I’m kind of in and outta church because I’m, to be honest with you, I’m, I’ve had it as I’m sure many of you have. If you subscribe to that or whatever your religious preference is, chaplain Michele is not about proselytizing. I have another channel for that. And that’s not even proselytizing. It’s more about having the conversation. That’s what this is. It’s to challenge us to at least think about the things that many people don’t want you to think about. You probably don’t even wanna think about it yourself. Neither did I, but I was forced into a situation where I had to look at me. What am I putting out into the world and what I is, what I’m putting out into the world, what I really want? Is it something that I would desire for myself?


If, if, if, if we reap what we sow or sense, not if, if we reap what we sow, if karma is a thing, is what I’m putting out the unseen that I’m putting out, would I want that to come back to me? Would I wanna live in my own words that I’m getting putting on someone else? Would I wanna live in the either the the, the blessings or the curses that I’m putting out? If I don’t, then I need to shut something down or elevate it. If I want love, I have to be about love, unconditional love. That doesn’t mean that there is full reconciliation and this is what we are. We are so, we are so sexually oriented, so sexually minded. We are always talking about things that are sexually oriented with unconditional love. Has nothing to do with that. That is human.


Unconditional love has to do with the essence of the person. What are you putting out under wall? Are you putting out vi an unconditional love vibe or you just giving lip service to it? Because that’s the quote unquote trend. Unconditional love is not a trend. It has never been a trend. If it was, none of us would be here. I can assure you of that unconditional love is what is keeping us here right now, despite our flawed failing shelves. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Every moment we have is both. Both a test, both a test and an opportunity. I can tell you that I love you without having have ever having met you. Why? Because I want the best for you. Doesn’t mean I agree with everything you think and everything you do and everything you say. That’s not what it is. I don’t even have to know those things. We, we don’t even have to have


Met for me to want the best for you. And by best I don’t mean relative. Everything is not relative. We like to make it relative because we like the flavor of the day. But that’s not how the universe operates. We are allowed those things, we have free choice. So there have to be choices that are allowed. But that doesn’t mean that every choice is right, regardless of what the choice is. We have a spectrum of colors because that’s what what we’ve been given. It’s not up to us. We didn’t, we’re not manifested here as human beings to tell the universe it made mistakes. We’re not manifested to tell God. It’s to say that God has made mistakes. It’s never been a competition.


We make it a competition to justify or attempt to justify our existence when in fact the very, the, the, our existence is proof that we have a value. That’s what I want to say. Our existence is proof of our value. But no sooner that we are brought into existence, is there something coming to tell us we don’t have value? What are you putting out into the world? Not your seeing things. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. And some of the people you can’t fool any time.


What do you want for yourself? I bet you it’s unconditional love when you get it right, when you get it wrong on your good days, on your bad days, when you have money, when you don’t have any, when you look good, when you don’t look good, unconditional love. And it’s not just that your, that people will not hold you accountable because with unconditional love also comes accountability doesn’t mean I need to be up all up in your business and you don’t need to be all up in mind. What it does mean is that we, if we see something that we think is counterproductive to what you say you want and who you are or who you want to be, then we can lovingly say that, look, you know, I know this is what you said and you don’t need to give me an answer. You don’t need to give me an account.


Not in the strictest sense unless you want to. But this might be out of line with what you say, what you want. Just look at that. Just take a look at it cuz that might not be exactly the direction you wanna go, right? There’s a way for us to do things, to help each other, to love each other, to get us through this thing called life. Every moment is a test, but every moment is also an opportunity. What are you doing with yours? And what are you putting into the universe? Are you resonating with a desire, not just for unconditional love, but to give it?


Are you telling people that you love them in your mind? You’re like, that idiot, that fool, they don’t even have a right, they have no value. The universe is picking up on all of that <laugh>. That’s, that’s the challenge. The universe is keeping track of all of that. And it’s not until we get to a place where we say, you know what? Mm, this is out of line. I’m broken, I’m flawed. How do I align my desire for unconditional love with my ability to give it? How do I do that? And then comes the hard work.


It takes courage, but it also takes work. Are we courageous enough? I believe we are. But then the question becomes do we have a strong enough work ethic or are we too lazy? As I will continue to say, we don’t control everything, but we’ve been given many opportunities to take steps to be good stewards of what we have been given. How? What are we doing with that? Are we treating it like trash? Are we trampling it under our feet and acting like it’s nothing? Are we so entitled and so privileged that we have forgotten that we are here there, but by the grace of God go I. And I can say that for real, I don’t know about you, but that the truth nonetheless, right? The truth is the truth. Regardless of whether or not we believe it, the truth doesn’t need us to validate it, but we need the truth. If we’re going to have unconditional love, unconditional love does not operate apart from truth. We can make up anything we want to make up, but that we will be called on account for that. We will be held to account for that.


That’s what karma’s about. That’s what reaping what you sow is about. So what are you sowing? Would you want to reap what you are sowing? Would you want the thing, the vibe as we like to say, which is really a spiritual signal. Spiritual signal? Would you want the vibe that you were putting out? Would you wanna live in that? And I mean, for real. I don’t mean out of resentment or well, if they’re gonna do this to me, I’m gonna do this. Okay, well no, we’re right. But is that where you want? Is that really where you wanna be? Or have you resigned yourself to that simply because someone treated you badly? So you gotta look at all of this. Most of us wanna get through life. We just wanna skate through life and and blame everybody else for the, for our lot. Yeah, okay, I get it. I’ve been there. But the fact of the matter is some point, just like in the natural growth process, you reach what? 16, 18, 21, you’re an adult. At some point you’re gonna reach the age of consent in the spirit. Then the universe will not be having any more of your foolishness. And many of us have reached that point and we still haven’t gotten a clue.


We think it’s okay. It’s not okay. And we’re going to be held to account in some way, shape, or form. So remember, you don’t have to give an account to me. There might be some, you do. But my goal is simply to cause us to think at a deeper level. Actually let me change that at a higher level, we are earth bound, but that is not the fullness of our capacity to think or to believe or to act. It occurs in the spirit first. So you don’t hate me because you saw me. You hate me because if you hate me at all, let’s, let me, lemme rephrase. If we hate each other, it’s not because we saw each other. It’s because our souls are illuminated with hate period and maybe more towards some than others. I get it. But the spirit, the belief in the spirit illuminates the soul.


So then when a, when a physical eye contact is made, then that hate attaches itself to something or to someone. Likewise. And most importantly, tantamount to everything is the fact that love is also born first and foremost in the spirit. And light is greater than darkness. So I don’t have to see you to love you unconditionally, but when I do see you, my inclination is to want to impart some sort of love to you. Can I help you? Hi, how are you doing? A smile. Have a good day. I’m sorry you’re hurting. Is there anything I can do?


If you need me, let me know. If there’s anything you think I can do, and I’m not talking about in a weird creepy way. We have gotten so stuck on quote unquote weird, creepy stuff that we missed the point. Unconditional love is not weird, it’s not creepy and it’s not inappropriate ever. It will always bring you a sense of joy and peace and edification. A sense of knowing that you truly are not alone. Even if you are having one of the most challenging moments of your life. So spare me the confusion or the feigned confusion about what it means to be loving. I know what it means and I know what it doesn’t mean. You have to learn it for yourself. You have to desire more than who you are and more than where you are. Stop talking into your circumstance. Stop talking yourself down.


But you also have to stop. Even if you are trying to elevate yourself, if you are still seeing others down your nose or not seeing them at all or trying to talk them out of existence, you are compromising the very thing you say you want for yourself. We are not fully human until we want the best for one another in doing that. Those things that we truly desire become evident in our own lives. I don’t have to work so hard to become better. We wanting to be better for someone else or wanting someone else to have their best automatically takes me there. That is a law of the universe, which we don’t dictate.


And I’m grateful for that. What are you, how are you resonating? What is your vibe? What are you sending out into the universe? Even right now, every moment of your life you’re sending something out. But particularly after you reach the age of consent in, in the spirit, right after 18, we wanna say 18. Some, some places different. I’m gonna say 18 in the United States right now is the age of consent. Well, you’re an adult now. Nah, not really. We’ll talk about that later. We can legally do some things that we couldn’t do before, but there’s still a growth process that’s great. Greatly underway and should continue the whole of our lives. We need to become whole human beings. We are failed. We are flawed. We are born, born into a failed and flawed situation. And yet we wanna tell somebody else that they’re imperfect. Well, we’ll all have those moments and


We should be able to call those out. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong, no problem there. But don’t be calling out my stuff without telling, telling me about yours first. Because when I come at what you see is what you get with me. If, if I am saying something about you, number one, either you’ve asked me or I’ve been there, I’m not text booking you. I’m doing my best not to be a hypocrite. Why? Cuz I hate hypocrites. So I don’t wanna be like hypocrites. I don’t wanna say one thing and do another. And one of the greatest lessons, everybody cannot have this experience. So this is not a condemnation by any stretch, but one of the greatest lessons I learned about hypocrisy I learned through my children. Cause they’ll tell you, well, you’re telling me to do this, but this is what you’re doing. Oh, okay. Now I could pull the, oh, well do what I say, not what I do. Or I can say, if I want a long-term relationship, productive relationship with my children, then I need to hear what they’re saying and I need to examine that about myself. Everybody that tells you something that you don’t want to hear about yourself is not coming for you. Sometimes they’re just challenging you.


Many of you will go to the gym every single day to work every muscle in your body so you don’t look flabby fat outta shape. So you can breathe. So you can run. So you can walk, but somebody lifts the weight of constructive conversation about your hideous personality and you wanna call ’em a hater. Just think if you have good friends and they don’t even have to be friends. If you have people around you who you know are trustworthy and just ha and have your best interests at heart and they call out something, cuz I’ll tell you in a minute, you’re not accountable to me. So it doesn’t matter to me whether you change or not. But I know in my heart of hearts that the reason that I’m saying this to you is that because ultimately it could help you. How do I know that?


Because when I had to do the same thing, it helped me. Was it painful? Yes. Was it easy? No, but these are the kind of conversations we don’t like having. Why? Because it might make me look bad. Well, yeah, it could, but on the other hand, it could look like you look like a, it could make you look like a real person who’s having some real issues, who’s trying to work through them rather than acting like you don’t have any, what is your vibe? What are you putting out into the world? More importantly, into the universe, because the world is jacked up. Why? Because we are humans. We are the world literally, and we are jacked up. We are broken, we are flawed, but we don’t have to be. We can be less broken and less flawed with each day, with each test and with each opportunity, which literally is every breath we have. We have


The the opportunity to be less broken and less flawed. Some of us like to continue to perpetuate the brokenness and the, and being flawed because we either don’t have the courage or the work ethic to make it happen. Some of us like to perpetuate it because we wanna keep other people subservient to us. Whatever your reasoning, whatever camp you were in, we still have opportunity. Every breath to put others down or to lift others up. Those are only two choices. But in order to do either one with any level of sincerity and clarity, we have to first deal with what’s going on in us. Or this is how I feel. Why do I feel that way? How did this come about? What happened in my life? What do I need to adjust? What do I need? Is this, do I really wanna be like this? At least at the very least, be honest with yourself.


Cuz if you really wanna live in a hateful place, then then just be honest about that and stay there, but stop trying to take other people with you. Because when we stand and at the at the defendant’s table of the universe, of the courts, of the universe, we’ll be on the defense. By the way, we are gonna be there by ourselves. When you transition, you’re not transitioning in a group. You’re transitioning the same way you came in. Even if you came in as part of a multiple birth, you have an identity, you have an essence of your own. In that essence, we’ll have to go back out into the universe and give the universe an account for how it did, how it stewarded its own self in light of the universe, in light of the world, in light of our neighbors, which is anybody that’s alive at the same time. We are. What is it that we’re doing? What are we really doing here? You cannot tell me that you really believe this. This is it. Then if you do, I’ll respect that unconditional love. That’s what we all should be seeking to put into the universe. Not just because we want it, but because it’ll help make all of us better, less flawed, less broken, more wholeness, more wellness, more peace, more joy, more forgiveness, more healing. That’s what this is about. My name is Michele. Thank you for joining me for this segment of chaplain. Michele, you know what? I hope to see you next time. Thank you for joining me. Bye-bye.