Self-Love & Self-Fulfilling Prophecies (Audio included.)

Audio for Self-Love & Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Self-fulfilling prophecies. What are self-fulfilling prophecies and how are you playing into the very things that you say you don’t want? In many ways, you are actually creating the situations that you say you don’t want.
My name is Chaplain Michele, thank you for joining me today. What is a self-fulfilling prophecy? First of all, let’s understand that prophecy is something that is spiritual, that we are manifesting in our behavior. So prophecy is not, uh, we don’t judge prophecy by saying that prophecy is good or bad. We know whether or not it’s good or bad by the behaviors it creates, right? What is manifested out of prophecy? So prophecy itself is spiritual.

And if you have in any way, shape or form, whether you subscribe to it or not, if you have ever read the Bible, the most read bible in the world, it talks about the fact that there are true prophets and there are false prophets. And what is the distinction that’s made? I’m not gonna get in into that today, but understand that prophecy of itself is something that is created outta something that is unknown. And it manifests through our thought, through our, through our speech, through our behavior, through how we treat each other, through how we feel, through how we act. So then the question becomes, what are your self-fulfilling prophecies? What are the things you say you don’t want? But then in your mind, in your, in your belief system, in your thought process, in your spirit, and in your soul belief system, spirit, what you think, how you feel, ego, all of those things rest in your soul, the seat of who you are.

So what are those things you say you don’t want, but you are allowing, you are allowing something to come in to illuminate you, whether light or darkness in a manner that makes those things happen. And then you get upset because they happen. Are you giving yourself into the things you say you don’t want? Are you becoming, or have you become the people or the person you say you don’t want to be? I don’t wanna be like X, Y, z who hurt me, but because one, you don’t forgive, and two, you don’t allow that complete resolution, that reconciliation. Now reconciliation doesn’t mean you have to come back together, but it does mean that within your spirit and in your soul, you have to release that person. Otherwise you are still subject to the pain that they caused you. So what is your self-fulfilling prophecy? What are your self-fulfilling prophecies?

How much that is happening in your world specifically and or in the world in general, have you created simply because you’ve given yourself over to something that is not what you want? Self-fulfilling prophecies can be good or bad, and they’re not actually self-fulfilling. That’s not necessarily the best word because it’s spiritual. So it really becomes down to, it really not becomes down to, it comes down to what we are entertaining. So if I have a thought about something that I know does not align with my values or what I’m trying to do, or what I desire in the best way for myself, for my family, or for others, and something comes along that is contrary to that, the question is do I accept it or do I reject it? Because we don’t think in spiritual terms. Oftentimes we will accept things just because we think that’s how it is. But the fact is, we all have a choice. Choice to make. We don’t have free will. We have free choice. We have free choice. Spiritually speaking, we have free choice. So you can choose what you entertain in which you accept or not.
The prophecy only becomes quote unquote self-fulfilling when it should really be self participating because there are things in the spiritual realm that we don’t fully understand that come to us each and every single day. So the universe, I say God, right? God created the universe. We can call the universe God, we can, I don’t, I, I believe in a creative being. Not to say that you can’t have your belief system. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking to you about my belief system. But in terms that you can relate to, we all have had opportunities in our lives to accept or to reject something that we knew was against what we believed. The extent to which I don’t have my beliefs aligned with my behavior, the gap is where we get in trouble because we think outside in. So what I see outside, I take in instead of questioning what we see and aligning that with our beliefs, I’m not asking you to change anybody else.

I’m not asking you to change me. What we have to focus on is how we change ourselves. What is it that we believe truly? What is it that you believe? How is your thought process? Creating behaviors that don’t align with what you want. I e what we call self-fulfilling prophecies. So it’s, it’s very interesting to me because when someone sets a goal, whether the goal is good or bad, right? The goal in and of itself does not dictate whether it’s good or bad. It’s the hands that it’s in. It’s just like money. Money has no personality. Money has no good or evil. It’s the hands that is coming into or out of that determine that.

And this is what we, we, we so want to objectify ourselves and yet give life to things that don’t really have life, right? So what is the self-fulfilling prophecies in your life? It’s funny to me, what I was going to, going to say a minute ago is that it’s funny to me that if someone is determined to do something, if they have, if they are determined, they have set a course and they go through those steps, not judging good or bad, then we call them determined. But if something bad happens, we call it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Why is that?

Why isn’t it called? It’s called, it’s, it’s, it’s determinism. It’s self-determination. So we have these nuances of things that we like to classify in certain ways because either it makes us feel good about ourselves or it makes us feel better or, or, or makes, gives us justification for making someone else feel worse about who they are. When the fact of the matter is we have not been given that that is not what we’re here for. That’s what we act like we’re here for. And that is for eons what we’ve acted like we’re here for. But each of us is given an opportunity. By the very breath we breathe an opportunity to not just do better, but to be better.

I have to deal with my self-fulfilling what we call self-fulfilling prophecies. And I’m gonna use that now. I’m gonna attach to it something that in the negative sense, I have to look at why, what am I contributing to that now? Does, do I have control over everything? Absolutely not, not even a fraction. Not even, not even as, we don’t have control over very little. And that is one of the biggest myths. I’ll address that in another post. That is one of the biggest myths ever to be, uh, perpetuated in humanity is that we have control. We don’t have control. We have control over certain things and to the extent that we know everything we can know. But at any given point in time, we don’t know everything we can know about a situation or a circumstance. So you can’t have control unless you know everything. Now, there is the perception of control, or at least management of certain circumstances in situations because of things that we know. But to say in this, even in the world, in the universe, in this atmosphere, in this spiritual environment that we exist in, that we have control. That’s, we’re deceiving ourselves to in, in, into thinking that.

So again, the question is what is it that you believe? What do you really believe? Do you believe that there’s good and bad, good and evil, light, dark? What do you believe? Do you believe in nothingness? If you believe in nothingness, then how’d you get here? You don’t have to answer me. And I wanna be clear in any post that I do. I’m very passionate about this, as you could tell. I’m very passionate about it because I believe there is more for us, not just more for me, not just more for my family, not just more for the people I know and like more for all of us as individuals. If we can get over ourselves long enough to take the time to admit one, we don’t know everything. Two, that we’re actually contributing to the circumstances and the situations that on some level we say we don’t want three.

If we want world peace, then we have to start with us. So stop looking out into the world saying, you want world peace while you continue to act like a fool. If we want peace, we have to resolve our own issues. We have to at least be willing to face them. Understanding that we are very flawed human beings, broken human beings in many ways. But that doesn’t mean we have to fail. We don’t have to fail individually and we don’t have to fail collectively. We can do better, but we can only do better if we’re being better and becoming better. There’s an opportunity we are here to, to link arms regardless of how we look or where we live. We should be linking arms. And I don’t mean physically necessarily there. We don’t even have to touch because in the spirit there is necessarily, there is not separation.

So from a spiritual perspective, if we can understand our own spirituality as distinguished from religion, cuz I’m not talking about religion, I’m talking about the spirituality that is inherent to each of us as human beings. When we understand that first, then we understand the notion of self-fulfilling prophecies and how we’re contributing in, in large measure. Not entirely cuz we’re not in full control to the things we say we don’t want. We are becoming, have, become, or have had to reject becoming people, place people that we said we’d never wanted to be or be like or even aspects of things. There could be people, there could be something about something that I love and something about someone that I don’t love and vice versa, right? We are not to pattern ourselves after other people in the way, in the sense that we typically do. That’s not what this life is about. If that was the case, then only those people would exist.

So we’re not here to say, oh well because they’re this or they’re that, or they’re not this or they’re not that. Then I can’t be x, y, z. No. You have a specific reason for being here. I talk about commonality a lot because I believe that is greater than any diversity we will ever have. But we wanna make diversity a special event. Diversity is naturally occurring in the universe. I’ll talk more about that later as well. But what I’m saying to you is that the fact that you are here is proof that you have something specific in terms of your journey that must be accomplished, that you have to overcome in order to live a transformed, transcendent life. It doesn’t mean that because someone else has done it or hasn’t done it because someone
Else likes you or they don’t like you because they loved you like they should have or they didn’t love you at all. It doesn’t mean that now you can’t do anything. There is a power that is greater than all of us put together, not just us individually, a power that’s greater than all of us put together. That is what you are to draw from the light of love, the light of it, not just the lightness of it, but the light of love. Allow it to illuminate your spirit, your soul, and your body. Is it easy? No, not at all. But that’s exactly the point because what I have learned, I should be able to help you with. That’s what makes it a lighter load, which you have learned. You should be able to help me or someone else with. That’s how we get through life.

Instead, we appeal to our own basis instincts and the basis instincts of other people thinking that God, the universe, the creator, the supreme innovator, the higher power is not paying attention, but we’re all being held accountable by every breath we take. So what is your self-fulfilling prophecy? Or do you have a list of self, self-fulfilling prophecies? And again, I have attached specifically for the purpose of this post and what I’m talking about right now, specifically a negative connotation to that. Because generally when we say it, that’s what we mean. If we mean it in a positive way, we call it determination. But you can be as determined on something negative as you can on something positive. So what are the things in your life? Understanding one, that you don’t have control. That the the, the control. The fact that we have control is a myth. So understanding that there are, we are spirit first. So we are literally taking our cues from spiritual things. Let me break that down even further. Not talking about religion, talking about the fact that there are unseen things, there are unseen forces, we are manifestation.

But just because we are here does not mean that the essence of who we are. We came from a spiritual place. We came from an unseen place into a scene place. The scene is always less than what is unseen. When we understand these things at a very basic level than we can talk about our humanity in fullness, spirit, soul, body, spirit first. And when you begin to think this way, then you’re not looking to others to to, to give you your identity or to tell you who you are or to tell you who you, you can’t be. We are allowed free choice, but we have to have beliefs that, that that correspond to the fact that we are spirit first. We have to get that part first. We’re trying to make decisions and we don’t even have all the information. We’re not even looking at all of the parts that are laying there before us.

What are your self-fulfilling prophecies? What is it that you really believe in general? And and then about who you are. What do you really believe? What do you believe about this world, about the universe, about God, about a higher power? What do you believe about any of that? You can’t say nothing because nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Zero times zero is zero. So you can’t say nothing because if it were for nothing, you wouldn’t be here. So it has to be something. What is that for you? And then what do you believe? How is that illuminating you?
You know, you’ve heard of the, from a governance standpoint, you’ve heard of the county seat or the seat of government where the seat of government for any human being is the soul. That’s where your emotions are. Your decision making capacity, uh, your intelligence, your psyche, ego, all of those things reside in the soul. That is the seat of government. So what illuminates that? Whether light or dark is the spirit. What is in your spirit? Because your spirit illuminates your soul. Then your soul dictates your behavior, your speech. What do your thoughts tell you about who you are? And then does that align with what you believe or what you wanna believe about yourself, about the universe, about God, about a higher power, about the fact that there is goodness and love and light in this world and the fact that you can participate in that. If you want to leverage love, what are your self-fulfilling prophecies? If you want to be a love, don’t be afraid to. If you want to be loved, don’t be afraid to be love, right? If you want to be loved, l o v e d, don’t be afraid to be love l o v e. Become the thing you want to have. Do better than someone that treated you wrongly. Do better and be better than the people that told you you couldn’t be anything. That you weren’t worth anything.

Do not take on someone else’s brokenness. We all come in with our own brokenness. We don’t need anybody else’s. Now granted, because of how life works and because we don’t talk about these things to the extent that we should, we carry a lot of other people’s brokenness and we give a lot of people brokenness. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We have to set our intention on one, becoming the best humans we can be. When we do that, it sensitizes us to the fact that we don’t wanna do anything to anyone else, do unto others that would cause them pain.

Take a look at your self, self-fulfilling prophecies. Look at what they are. Write them down. Face them. Does that mean you’re gonna conquer them today? No, it doesn’t. There could be a miracle though. You could. The key and the point is that you shouldn’t give up. That you have to understand that by virtue of your existence you have value, you have purpose. Along with that comes the challenging challenge of really discovering that and really living an overcoming transcendent transform transcendent life. Yes, there are going to be those challenges, but that’s just to shake off the dust to get all of that, ugh, that brokenness, that flawed part of us out of the way. None of us is perfect, we’re flawed, but we don’t have to fail. We’re broken, but we don’t have to be belittled and we don’t have to belittle others.

We don’t have to deal with any, with people as if, well, I’m not gonna be wrong, but you can’t be right. We all have an opportunity and we have to leverage love to find ourselves in a place not only where we can give love, but that we understand we first have to have love to give. Yes, it’s better to give than to receive, but we also have to be in a receiving place in order to give. So when we talk about, you know, there’s this big debate on self-love. Why? Why is there a big debate on self-love? Because we’re broken, flawed people. And the moment we think about self-love, we think about self ish.

That’s our problem. That’s exactly the problem. We are very small-minded because the universe is, wealth is full, is is a wealth of knowledge and resources and love. And in our intelligence we wanna reduce even the universe, even God, even the higher power, the creator, the super innovator, right? The creative energy of all of us to something where we are arguing about what self-love is and what it isn’t. Self-love is simply this. It is the capacity to receive what is needed to be given. So I have to take the time. If I’m being poured out or pouring myself out or giving all of the time, it is foolish to think that at some point I don’t have to rejuvenate and regenerate to have a refreshing moment.

Whatever your refreshing moment is, how do you receive that energy to give back out again? When your refrigerator’s empty and you need to get food, do you just leave it empty? No, you go and you buy food that’s part of self-love. That is part of the replenishment that is needed for us as human beings. So please stop with the arguments about self-love is foolish and it makes us look silly. If by nature you are a self as human being, then admit that you’re a selfish as human being. But don’t put that in the context of self-love because the people that say that means something very specific.

A lot of times people that are particularly first responders, caregivers in any way, shape or form service members, they don’t have the time or can’t take the time to take care of themselves. Self-love, self-appreciation, self replenishment. What are your self-fulfilling prophecies? What is the gap between what you really believe, what you really need, what you really want, and how you’re behaving and how you’re thinking and what your life looks like? Some of us are afraid, I get it, been there to even say we want love anymore cuz we’ve been hurt so many times we’re we’re afraid to even say it. Okay? So then that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy all its own.

Let’s start to act like we are what we really are, which is spiritual First, let’s start instead of trying to tell everybody else what to do and how to do it, because my journey, even though very similar to yours, has unique aspects. Maybe not unique in the aspect itself, but in how those things come together in my life versus your life, right? We each have a uniqueness that makes us uniquely who we are, but we still have to leverage our commonality and our love in order to help each other. That’s what compassion and empathy are all about. So let’s start at that place of understanding what we truly believe. First of all, we have to understand that we are spirit, first, spirit,

Soul, body. Then look at the gaps between spirit and soul. There’s not gonna be a gap between soul and body because the the soul, if you don’t get it straight in your soul, if your soul is not illuminated the way you want it to be, if you are carrying burdens of pain and unforgiveness your soul, your body’s gonna respond accordingly. Your thought process is gonna dictate that you’re gonna be bitter, unhappy, belittling person. So your, your body’s gonna take its cue from your soul. The key is to align to one, accept the fact that we’re spirit first. That’s up to you. But we are to make sure the gap between your spirit and your soul is closed. And for us as human beings, because our benchmark or our our relational capacity is based on how we are or are not treated by other human beings. One of the keys to that, the main key is going to be forgiveness. I’ll talk more about that soon. Right now, take an inventory of your self-fulfilling prophecies and then we can talk more about how to resolve those through forgiveness. My name is Chaplain Michele, thank you so much for joining me today. I’m excited about what we can do together to become transformed, transcendent human beings. I’ll see you next time. Bye-bye.