Love 911: A Cry for Love (Audio included.)

Audio for Love 911: A Cry for Love


Hi, it’s Michele.

Thank you for joining me for this segment of Chaplain Michele.

While we might spend a lot of our time operating in divisiveness, divisiveness is not our highest and best state.

We were put here with the capacity to divide, yes. But our greater capacity is to love or to unite through love.

We have a greater capacity for love. So, in when we are operating in a divisive and destructive manner, we are basically having a nineā€¦a Love 911. That’s a call for love.

I don’t mean just our version of love. I mean universal, unconditional Regardless of how jacked up we are acting or feeling, it’s a love 911. Because what that does for us is that it brings us to a place of unity with it? And when we have a place of unity within us. Then what we bring to every situation is that sense of unity or peace?

So divisive is not our highest and best state. Our highest and best state is being able to love unconditionally. That doesn’t mean perfect in execution. That doesn’t mean we like everything or agree with everything, that’s not what that means. And, when we understand that, then we’ll understand why we also don’t have to be divisive and destructive.

We need to tap into our capacity for unconditional love ASAP in order for healing to begin and to be sustained. We have a Love 911. Think about that.

My name is Michele.

Thank you for this segment of Chaplain Michele. I’ll see you next time.